Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Results Are In! Limerick Contest Winners

We had so many wonderful submissions of limericks in honor of Earth Day! Thank you all for the hard work you did. Judges chose from the list of anonmous poems and came to a consensus on three.
 Winners were revealed:

 1st place: James

There once was a flower surrounded by bees.
There once was a pristine grove of trees.
But now we’re in a slump,
Nature has become a dump,
Corporations can litter where they please.

2nd place: Azalea

Some things on the Earth are going extinct,
For this poem I’ll try to be succint,
The air we take for granted,
Countless plants not yet planted.
And still you think that humans are not linked?

3rd place: Colleen

For sleeping in class you will pay,
So invest in a Carmel Latte`.
But don’t be a thug,
Use a refillable mug,
Enjoy drinking your way to an A.

Congratulations Winners! You will be contacted for your prizes!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Celebrate and Honor the Earth ...with Limericks!

Kassie and James’ Limerick
There once was an earth day to anticipate,
That forced poets to write and celebrate,
To show off their skills,
To better the world's ills,
And to make sure our flowers proliferate.
What will you do, not just for Earth day, but for our dear Mother Earth?

Saturday, April 9, 2011


Have you ever wondered, 
what life would be like, 
if the stars were extinguished, 
and gave no more light.

The night sky would fail, 
to wonder and excite, 
my heart would pale, 
and sadness I'd fight.

With no more night wonder, 
to light up my life, 
my mind torn asunder, 
and mired in strife.

So thanks to the stars, 
that still burn so bright, 
their light has traveled so far, 
to brighten my night.