Monday, May 2, 2011

May You Be Successful


Welcome to May! Welcome to the end of the semester. As you know, some officers (including myself) are leaving Saint Paul College. I have really enjoyed my part of this Club, and I hope that you have too. There may be times when I can make a meeting or two in the next few months or years, but I would really like us all to utilize this blog as a good networking and workshopping resource. I also would like this blog to be a valuable place where we can all get together; it is available at any time of the day and accessible to everyone.

 As the President (who is transferring the position to Azalea in a week), the last thing I'd like to do is challenge everyone of us to challenge ourselves. I think it would be cool for us to post our aspirations (for the summer or whenever) and keep in touch with one another, creating accountability. For May, I want us all to think about what we can do if we want to further ourselves as writers. Then through June, July and so on we can monitor and update how we are doing... I am going to at least! Who will join me?

Create a post with details of your plans or goals, and periodically update using the comments feature. That is also where other people can communicate and work with you on it.

**Please keep this post and comments (or questions) on it related to the general activity**

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  1. That's a good idea. I do need motivation, and peer pressure can definitely be a good motivator. I'll think of my goals, and then post them...after finals week.