Thursday, May 5, 2011

To the Best Boyfriend in the Universe

I wrote this poem for our 5 year anniversary.  It's hard for me to write love poems, but I was pleased with this one.  He liked it to!

“To the Best Boyfriend in the Universe”
I love you, and that’s a proven fact.
I love you because I can sleep soundly and peacefully next to you
Even when you snore.
I love you because I can tolerate the noises you make
When you eat fast food.
I love you because, even after all these years, you kiss me
And I still get flustered.
I love you because you can predict what I will say or do
In any given circumstance – you know me all too well.
I love you because you can make my problems vanish
When you hold me while I cry.
I love you because you always know how to make my day
More than anyone else could.
I love you because when I’m not expecting anything from you
You give me more than I could ever want.
I love you because when I needed you the most
You were there by my side the whole way through.
I love you because you still think I’m drop dead gorgeous
When I don’t even try to be.
I love you because you support everything I do
Even if I don’t.
I love you because you’re the only one
Who can make me laugh obnoxiously.
I love you because we’ve been through so much together,
and I’ve had the best time of my life.
I love you so much
because it’s a proven fact.

Monday, May 2, 2011

May You Be Successful


Welcome to May! Welcome to the end of the semester. As you know, some officers (including myself) are leaving Saint Paul College. I have really enjoyed my part of this Club, and I hope that you have too. There may be times when I can make a meeting or two in the next few months or years, but I would really like us all to utilize this blog as a good networking and workshopping resource. I also would like this blog to be a valuable place where we can all get together; it is available at any time of the day and accessible to everyone.

 As the President (who is transferring the position to Azalea in a week), the last thing I'd like to do is challenge everyone of us to challenge ourselves. I think it would be cool for us to post our aspirations (for the summer or whenever) and keep in touch with one another, creating accountability. For May, I want us all to think about what we can do if we want to further ourselves as writers. Then through June, July and so on we can monitor and update how we are doing... I am going to at least! Who will join me?

Create a post with details of your plans or goals, and periodically update using the comments feature. That is also where other people can communicate and work with you on it.

**Please keep this post and comments (or questions) on it related to the general activity**